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All the modern principles of entrepreneurship, self-development, marketing, finance, fundraising, sales and business administration are brought together in a mix of training, practice, tools and guidance by the Business Master Chef and a team of Experts!

Jose Graca


Isabel is a Multi-Language Experienced Host, Presenter, and Actress that has been working with Disney, HBO, BYUTV and many others.

Isabelle Fontes

Ariana Villacorta

Ariana is a Multi-Language Experienced Journalist, Host and Presenter that has been working with France24 and many other TV Stations.

Zuhair Shabbir

Zuhair is a Multi-Language experienced Radio and Communications Specialist that has been working for the United Nations and many others.

Meet the Hosts

Meet the Reporters

-Freddy is a Multi-Language experienced Radio, Podcaster and communications Specialist that has been working for the media industry.

Freddy Cruz

Vitor is a Multi-Language experienced Actor, Creative Director and Writer that has been working for the entertainment industry.

Victor Rocha

Meet the Experts

+40 years fitness and lifestyle instructor, providing Fitness Training Programs designed individuals and startup founders, serial entrepreneur and co-founder.

Tommy Diependaal

Cesar is a financial and accounting expert, entrepreneur, startup co-founder, and academic in the Financial Services industry in the USA and Latin America for more than 20 years.

Cesar Miranda

Recruitment and HR Leader with 15+ years of solid hands-on experience, startup co-founder, handling teams for international corportaions and start -ups.

Hasmik Navalyan

Jan studied History and Politics at the University of Liverpool and has a master’s degree in Political Theory and startup co-founder.

Jan Roth Kanarski

Keith is an experienced strategic leader and executive. He is a Doctor in Law and Education, founding member of the organization AI and Blockchain, and startup co-founder.

Keith Barrows

David is a specialist in Sustainability, production processes, system management, and innovation, in communication and learning programs, and startup co-founder.

David Slim

Kulojeet Sarker

Kulojeet has a bachelor’s degree in science, from the American International University. He is an UX / UI & Product designer, and startup co-founder.

Behavioral sciences expert and researcher with ample experience. Serial entrepreneur, startup co-founder, neuromarketing and social psychology expert.

Morgan Parfitt-David

Yuri Teixeira

Executive MBA from University Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, +26 years of experience Pay TV, communications, Audiovisual, entertainment and media, and startup co-founder.

Brian Houy

20+ Years Developing Fintech Software, Serial Entrepreneur, Bachelors in Technology.

Eduardo is and experienced film producer that has been producing films for UNESCO, UNICEF and many other well-known organizations.

Eduardo Francois

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