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"Starters, self-employed and business owners, join our programs"


Scale or Start
A BUSINESS and Secure Funding IN
90 DAYS!


Starter Program

Personality, skillset, and business matching tests.

Idea selection, problem, solution, business model.

Market research and benchmark.

Survey, data analysis, and persona.

SWOT analysis and go-to-market strategy.

Marketing plan.

Branding guide.

Pricing strategies.

Financial plan, initial investment estimate, funding rounds.

Business Plan.

Team building and co-founder recruitment.

Legal Assistance contractor's agreement, non-disclosure agreement, incorporation.


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Scaling Program


Social media selection, strategies, and account setup.

Website, landing page, SEO setup.

Sales scripts.

Sales Funnels.

Sales presentations.

Advertising campaigns.

Organic traffic.

Inbound and outbound prospecting, sales strategies, and closing.

Sales automations, lead generation, upselling, down selling, coupons, order bumps, pre-selling.

CRM selection, integration and fine tuning.

Sales Team Building and Recruitment.

Legal Assistance, commercial contracts, terms and conditions.


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Strategic Input.


Executive Summary.

Pitch Deck.

Pitch Training.

Investor deck.

Data Room.

Funding Options.

Introduction to potential investors.

Legal Assistance, private placement, safe note, bonds, etc.

Assistance in negotiating the deal.


Funding Program

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Growth Program

Cost of Capital.

How does Cost of Capital Apply to Business.

How does it work inside the Capital Markets.

M&A strategies.

IPO strategies.



Multi or Single-Family Office.

Private Equity.

Venture Capital.

Legal Assistance.

Assistance in negotiating the deal.


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Read about us

Jose is a seasoned business professional, who strives to support wannabe entrepreneurs. I strongly believe that Jose can provide a valuable input regardless of the scope of the project.



Real business experts. Business acumen and know how to support people who want to improve knowledge. Jose is sharing his big experience and giving new point of view to better understand how to reach the goal. I truly recommend collaboration with him. You will not be disappointed.


Wisdom, excellent mentorship, good knowledge, patience and fun to some degree ! Great way to be build a business with a very encouraging team, overall great experience to develop yourself and scale up your awareness not just your business or career.

The years of experience working with Jose are evident in the background. His planning process takes you from 0 to 100 in a step-by-step manner, allowing you to feel the level of progress as you move forward. As a business guide, Jose provides a wealth of strategy and know-how that brings success one day at a time.


With over 100 experts and 30,000 qualified investors, training, AI tools, and a proven strategy.

we offer a do-with-you approach that delivers concrete results.


Frequently Asked Questions!

About Business Materchef and his team?

Business Masterchef is a platform that offers programs assisted by a team of experts that teach how to Scale or Start a business and secure funding. We use AI tools available on the market during this process.

For whom is it intended?

Unemployed - looking for alternative income, Starters - those that want to build a business, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, Small Medium Business owners and Mid-Sized Companies that want to Scale or Secure Funding.

What can I achieve?

Learn how to Scale or Start a business, secure funding and use AI tools available on the market.

How long does it take?

We have 4 programs. Each program corresponds to one stage and takes 3 months to complete if you spend 8 hours a week. You can accelerate by spending more time or slower the progress when spending less time.

How much does it cost?

On our programs have a onetime fixed fee. We take no equity and no commissions.

How does it work?

Our multi media learning management system guides you through a dripped process and you are supported by a team of experts.

Is there a fixed date to start?

We have no fixed dates or cohorts to start, you can start every day, and it is available 24x7x365.

From which devices can I login?

You can login from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer as long as you have a internet connection and a browser.

Do I need to have experience?

We will teach you all you need, there is no experience required.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program. For more details please contact our sales team.

Do we raise funds?

No, we do not raise funds, we are not a broker dealer. We only make introductions to investors to those that go through our funding program. We take no equity and no commissions when making such introductions.

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